It’s difficult to start to talk about what inspired me without bringing my father into it, because he was my hero. When I was six or seven, he would take me with to the stockyards in South St Paul Minnesota to sell some of our livestock. After we were done at the stock yard, he would stop at the truck stop nearby to have breakfast. While we were there, I was glued to the window looking at all the trucks. Watching them pull in and park. From the first time we stopped there I knew wanted to drive one. Which turned into owning one and now I run a small logistics company.

Hometown Logistics Business

Now I try to help give customers the personal touch in logistics. While also giving drivers the best pay I can. I’m not sure how many people buy local but that’s what I try to promote. I help Wisconsin companies with their logistics while entrusting Wisconsin drivers to haul it for them. The journey from a farm kid to owning a freight brokerage firm is a tale of grit, determination, and the pursuit of the American dream. It often begins with the values instilled from a young age. While working on the farm it promotes hard work, responsibility, and a deep connection to the community.

Great values

These values translate well into the logistics industry, where reliability and a strong work ethic are paramount. As a truck driver, one learns the ins and outs of the freight industry. Also builds a network of contacts, and gains a reputation for dependability. Transitioning to a freight brokerage firm owner, one can leverage this experience to offer personalized services that resonate with the ‘home town feel’ customers appreciate. This approach not only differentiates the firm in a competitive market but also fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among clients. The success of such ventures often lies in the ability to create opportunities for others. Empowering employees, and building a logistics business that reflects one’s roots and values. This narrative is not just about business growth; it’s about contributing to the community and keeping the essence of one’s beginnings alive in every customer interaction.

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Tom Mante