Local sourcing at its best. I recently had the pleasure of touring the 45th Parallel distillery in New Richmond WI. When we went to the New Richmond chamber of commerce business awards they had a silent auction. In that silent auction we made up a basket with a hat from Engel Transport LLC. We had two shot glasses that looked like 50 caliber shells and of course a bottle of New Richmond Rye from the 45 Parallel Distillery.

We want to promote local business and promote local sourcing. That is our whole vision here at Engel Transport LLC. The 45th Parallel Distillery was also local sourcing all of their product from local farmers. After finding that they promote the something we promote by helping the community made the tour extra special for me. Knowing that another business helps the community and also the local farms since i group up on a farm just north of town. My farther taught me many things and one of those were to buy local and help your community. If you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend stopping into to the 45th Distillery. They have great food and FANTASIC spirits. The 45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin, is a testament to the power of local sourcing and community involvement in the craft spirits industry. This family-owned distillery has made a name for itself by committing to local production, from grain to glass.

Heart of the operation

At the heart of their operation is a partnership with local farms, such as Rusmar Farm. This provides the high-quality grain and wheat used in their distillation process. This close-knit relationship with local growers ensures that the distillery has access to the best raw materials while supporting the local economy.

The distillery’s philosophy is rooted in tradition and quality. They practice slow distillation methods, avoiding shortcuts to ensure the purity and flavor of their spirits. This dedication to craftsmanship has allowed them to expand their operations, now boasting a range of 11 craft spirits.

Their commitment to local sourcing doesn’t end with the ingredients. After the distillation process, the spent grain is shipped to another local farm, where it is used as feed, completing a full circle of local production. This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment but also reinforces the community’s agricultural ecosystem.

The 45th Parallel Distillery’s success story is a shining example of how local sourcing and a dedication to quality can create a product that resonates with consumers and contributes positively to the local community. For those interested in experiencing this local craft firsthand, the distillery offers tours and tastings and the chance to sample their spirits.

Click here for 45th Parallel Distillery events and specials.

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Tom Mante